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Gas Hot Water Systems

Known to be environmentally friendly and more efficient than electric alternatives, gas hot water systems are known to offer quicker heat-up time and long-lasting service. Besides, once such a system has been installed, it will significantly reduce your energy bills.
At Great Northern Plumbing & Gas Fitting, we not only offer the best gas hot water systems but also provide installation and repair services.

Gas cooktops and ovens

You do not need to be a professional chef to know that cooking with gas offers better heat control and a smoother cooking process.
You can trust us to not only offer specially engineered, efficient, and energy-efficient gas cooktops and ovens but also provide unmatched installation and repair services.

Gas Inspections / Testing and Certification

If you want to get your gas product certified for the market, we can help out. We will inspect and test whether your product meets the relevant standard before providing you with the appropriate certification. Whether you need certification for domestic type gas appliances, industrial gas appliances, commercial catering equipment or any other gas product, we have you covered.

Gas Appliance Installations/ Removals

Besides its many benefits, gas poses numerous safety risks especially when it leaks as it is highly flammable. At Great Northern Plumbing & Gas Fitting, we provide safe, professional and efficient gas appliance installation and removal services. Our experts can handle everything from gas hobs, boilers, and cookers.

Installation of additional Gas points for BBQ’s

If you are tired of running to the gas station to fill your propane tank every time you want to grill some steaks, then we can bring the solution to your backyard. We have the expertise, equipment, and experience needed to safely and professionally install additional barbecue gas points on your property hence saving you the hassle.

Leak detection and repair

Whether large or small, when it is ignored, a leak can result in significant water damage and very expensive repairs. The best news is that we provide fast and accurate leak detection and repair services. Our highly qualified plumbers use the best technologies, as well as advanced and efficient leak detection techniques to accurately detect and ultimately do the necessary repairs.

What our customers say

A massive thank you to Nathan who came at a minutes notice this week to isolate and repair what could potentially have been an extremely expensive problem! Couldn’t recommend Great Northern Plumbing and Gasfitting highly enough, thank you Nathan for your professional, efficient and affordable service!

– Cindy & Trent


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